All our leggings and sweatpants are made by hand. October 23, 2020 13:57


We hand make all our leggings and our sweatpants. This means no mass production and far less waste - much better for our planet. 

First we ensure that the fabric we use is safe and that no illegal or harmful substances are used in the making of it, therefore making it perfect for little ones skin - and our's too!

Next, we cut out each pattern piece by hand for each and every size.

Then comes the fun part - the printing (or tie-dying). The inks we use for our printing are 100% solvent-free, water based, vegan and are environmentally friendly. Whether it's a dot, a ghost (or whatever else for that matter - watch this space), each one is done by hand. This makes every pair completely unique!

Lastly, we sew it all together and voilà, a beautiful pair of unique leggings or sweatpants made with love.