Echo's Magical Garden Prints Available March 15, 2016 20:36

All the mysterious characters from Echo’s Magical Garden are now available in A2 and A3 sized prints. Perfect for your little one’s room, or any other room in your home for that matter! Who wouldn’t want to follow the magical map of the Crystal Labyrinth whilst drifting off to a dreamy sleep?  

Don't forget, all these designs are also available on our T-shirts.

Bubble Tower Guardian Sweatshirts

The strangest creature with dozens of eyes guards the Bubble Tower in Echo’s Magical Garden, and we are pleased to announce that our Bubble Tower Guardian sweatshirts are now in stock. Beautifully soft raglan sweatshirt, perfect for springtime adventures. 

A little peek September 3, 2015 21:30

It's early days for us but we've got lots of exciting things planned for the fantastical world of Echo's Magical Garden. We really can't wait to fling open the creaking gates and share this garden of delights. That will be happening very soon. In the meantime if you take a peek over the wall you might just get a glimpse of one of the many mysterious inhabitants.

Victoria & Simon